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"Seeing the combination of really high-level business owners combined with a really deep love of Jesus, it’s freaking awesome." —JOSIAH GRIMES

What Others Are Saying

"We’re leaving filled-up as a couple. The freedom and the break-through that I got to watch has been such an amazing experience. If you’re for the kingdom, this is definitely the group to be around."

— The Clarks

"I’ve never ever in my entire life of masterminding, have felt the love, felt the compassion, and empathy and vulnerability of a group."

— John Madsen

"This is not for the faint-of-heart. This is for the impact of the kingdom. This is a sacred space and I hope you join."

— Rene Banglesdorf

"Know that the people in themselves are worth the investment and everything else is the cherry on top."

— Nicholas Bayerle