"Above all else, guard your heart, because it is the wellspring of life." — Proverbs 4:23



"If you love Jesus, you’re about Kingdom work, and you’re trying to make a difference in the world PLUS leave a legacy, get in the room... because it’s the room to be in." - Dr. Irvine

Learn More About The Wellspring

In the above video you'll get a complete overview of the Wellspring group. The Wellspring is a collective of Spirit filled 7-,8-, and 9- figure Christian business owners and entrepreneurs, who are ready to create powerfully in ALL ares of their life. Collectively, The Wellspring Group is doing 1 Billion in cumulative business revenue, making it the only Christian entrepreneurs group of it's kind.

Since 2016, I've been a part of countless masterminds and coaching groups. They were great, but they were all missing something. They only focused on business.

What if we focused on faith, relationships, finances, health, AND business... So, God called me to create something different.

W h a t - i s


When God called me to create this group, I asked some friends, who are trusted pastors and leaders: "What should I call this thing?". Rich Wilkerson texted me back: You should call this The Wellspring, because this is going to create a wellspring in the lives of it's members.

The Wellspring Group isn't exactly a Mastermind, it's something more!

It's a group of faith-based entrepreneurs and business owners, who are creating MORE in their lives than just business success. They are building for the Kingdom of God AND creating success in their:

Faith, Relationships, Businesses, Health, Finances

Find Your Place


In the Wellspring Group, you’ll never feel isolated or frustrated that nobody understands, because you’ll be surrounded with like-minded Christian business owners who share your vision and struggles, will support and pray with you consistently, and take you to new levels. It's a powerful room of over 120 thought leaders who are there just for the sole purpose of glorifying God in their businesses, growing in their relationships, health, and wealth.

"I've talked a lot with pastor friends of mine, and I believe that entrepreneurs are the bridge to change the world"

- Ed Mylett

"Over the last four years, my life has been changed, and my family is being changed; I'm, so excited for the Wellspring, it's the next level of something God's been growing and birthing "

- Sean Cannell






Colorado Springs, CO | July 24, 2024


Colorado Springs, CO | July 25-28, 2024


Atlanta, GA | September 19 – 22, 2024

W h a t - I S - I N C L U D E D - I N -


Two Annual Retreats

Twice a year, we will gather together with our spouses at the most beautiful resorts in the world. There will be a time of relationship building, worship, discipleship, as well as personal and business growth.

Business Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Twice a year, we will go "Behind-the-Scenes", inside businesses led by the top Christian organization owners and leaders in the world! Businesses like Chick-fil-a, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. We will learn from their like-minded leaders key secrets to success.

Master Minds

We will gather monthly, with like minded business owners who are doing big things in their markets. Together, we are bringing the best out of each other and impacting our markets in greater ways.

Weekly Discipleship PODS

Gain accountability and be assigned to "Iron Sharpens Iron" POD groups. Leaders are assigned to smaller gender-specific groups of 10 Wellspring Members. Each group prays together, sharpens each other builds accountability and trust with one another.

Power Hours

In your “power hour”, join other executives, to experience dynamic devotions and share stories of successes (praise reports) and challenges you’re facing (prayer requests). Men and women will meet in separate pods.

Winter Gathering

Our Winter Gatherings are designed to make more intimate connections. While enjoying a luxurious retreat, the focus is far greater in going deeper in our relationships and friendships.

T H R E E -C R I T E R i A


Interested in joining the Wellspring Group? We have 3 simple criteria to join..

  • You're up to big things and want to make a big impact on the Kingdom of God.

  • You have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You love Him with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all your mind, and you are passionately pursuing God in all areas of your life.

  • You have a seven-, eight-, or nine- figure business.

Limited openings available. This is a small intimate group capped at 125 members, with the average business of our members doing over $15 million in revenue.

W H A T - O T H E R S - A R E - S A Y I N G - A B O U T


" I can't speak highly enough about it. If you're interested, join The Wellspring!"

- Mike Ayala

"There are people who want to make an impact on the earth, who are running incredible businesses, who love Jesus, who are craving deeper relationships. Anyone looking for something like that, this is the place to be."

- Jaime Cross

"I discovered my tribe here. I feel myself pulled to a different level of spirituality, something that I never could have imagined."

- Brandon Turner

"Know that the people in themselves are worth the investment and everything else is the cherry on top."

- Nicholas Bayerle

"If you have an opportunity to be in this room, to be in God’s presence and to just experience what The Wellspring is, you’d be incredibly blessed and we feel incredibly blessed to be here."

— The Muresans

"All I can say is one word…family. This is not just a mastermind, this is a movement that is going to be a part of the next mighty move of God.."

— Malachi Rhodes

"This is for a higher purpose, what Pete is doing is incredible. I’ve been involved in organizations, many charities, and many boards, and I’ve never seen anything as remarkable as this."

— The Sayeghs

"Being united in shared purpose and shared vision…is truly remarkable.

This is the beginning of something large, special and powerful."

— The Longs

"It’s hard to put into words what we’ve experienced. I walk away from here amazed and humbled that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a group like this, and that God loves me so much that he would be willing to put me here."

— Meredith Viguers

"I am not leaving the same person as who I came. I did not know the impact and the power that this community was going to bring and that the people in it are life-long friends of mine."

— Amy Wine

"I’ve been in a lot of masterminds and this by far was the most powerful room, hands down that I’ve ever been in. If you’re even thinking about this…I’ve never felt the Holy Spirit so present in the room in my life."

— Cody Bjugan

"Being surrounded by the community here, I’m taking away confidence and joy that we get to do life around this network of incredible people who love God and are so committed to building the Kingdom."

— Lindsay Bjugan


Our Customers Are Raving

"Testimonial from customer. Choose one that answers a common question you get from customers, or that addresses a pain point that customers experience elsewhere. This isn’t a bragging box, but it is an opportunity to show potential clients the value you bring to existing clients.

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